April 2015 Double Feature Charity Payment to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The first of the payments from the Double Feature Charity Module: Erik Jensen’s Bonespur Glacier and Jason Paul McCartan’s The Tomb of Bashyr has been submitted to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the selected recipient for proceeds of the sales of the product.

Released on April 24, 2015 the module has made $90.24 towards helping children in need with only a week of sales and only being available in electronic PDF format at the moment. Print versions are being developed and will be available from Lulu and OneBookShelf shortly.

Below are some screenshots showing the donation being made to the charity:

St. Jude April 2015 Payment Preprocess

St. Jude April 2015 Payment Confirmation

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and we hope that those who haven’t yet will choose to do so and give to this very worthwhile cause. Total sales to date are shown below:

Double Feature Charity Module Sales May 1 2015

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