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Our Digital+ Program

Like many other creators and companies, InfiniBadger Press loves the idea of people that buy our print products also getting access to digital copies of the products too. Or if you buy an ebook version of something, you still get access to the other digital formats. We believe that when you buy a product from us, you’re paying for access to the product itself, and there are a number of different mediums that you can get it in as the entry point. We like to call this Universal Access.

We’ve just recently upgraded our Digital+ program and codified its benefits, but please bear with us as we update all of our products to comply with Digital+.

Most Digital+ products are planned to be released digitally and in print, and offer the following:

  • A core PDF version of the product
  • eBook versions of the product in these formats, if available for that product:
    • ePub
    • mobi
    • raw text
  • Backup Copies Benefit (see below)

Not all Digital+ products may be released in print, but if a product is it will have:

  • A core print version of product purchasable via Print On Demand (POD) that comes with a discount against the POD version at OneBookShelf if you already purchased the digital version from us (our store or another).
  • Some print products may be available from third-party stores, but we may be able to offer a direct discount due to the way the store is set up.
  • If we have print copies for sale at conventions or our online store, you can get a discount against those with proof of purchase also.

If you have any questions about Digital+ content email us at or use our contact form.


Digital+ Products List

Most Digital+ products will include the distinct Digital+ logo on the outside cover or inside covers, but not all products (especially older ones) may just yet as we start to roll it out to them. The following products are Digital+ products:


Backup Copies Benefit

Buying Digital+ products at third-party sites means buying at your convenience, and it also entitles you to receive a copy of the same digital files you’ve bought elsewhere here at our store as a “backup” of your original purchase. This is only available to first-time purchasers who can proof of purchase. You’ll need to make an account at the InfiniBadger website, or have one created for you. If you’ve already ordered something from us, make sure you give us your account email address so we can attach all of your digital orders to the same account.


How To Claim Your Digital+ Benefits


Each third-party site we sell on has slightly different redemption capabilities.



If you’ve made a purchase of our products via Lulu, email a copy of your receipt for the order to to receive your digital backup copy at our site. You’ll receive an email that explains the redemption process for the webstore, and we’ll use your email address to create a new account for you if you don’t have one already.

At this time we cannot offer individual discounts on print products at Lulu due to how Lulu’s storefront operates. Purchasing digital products on Lulu does still access to discounted print products at OneBookShelf (see below).



We publish print products through OneBookShelf as well as digital products. You can order a copy of any print product with digital options for free just by selecting the option and putting it in your cart. If you select the option that doesn’t include the PDF option by accident after buying the print version, contact us at with the title, order date, and order number and we’ll issue you a complimentary copy of the product through OneBookShelf’s internal system.

If you’ve bought a digital version of a product that also offers a print option, you can get a discount on the print version too, usually at the full purchase price of the digital version. Email us at with the title, order date, and order number and we’ll issue you a discount code for the available print versions of the product through OneBookShelf’s internal system.

You can also receive a digital backup copy on our site by submitting any sales receipt for a Digital+ product to digitalplus@infinibadger.comYou’ll receive an email that explains the redemption process for the webstore, and we’ll use your email address to create a new account for you if you don’t have one already.



We currently sell Kindle titles and some print products through Amazon. The Kindle title is effectively the same thing as purchasing the full digital version. If you purchase the Kindle version of a title, send a copy or screenshot of your receipt to and we’ll supply you with the other digital versions here at our site.

If you purchase a print version through Amazon, send a copy or screenshot of your receipt to and we’ll give you all of the digital versions here at our site. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an official Kindle version directly to your Kindle library at this time, but the digital version does include the mobi version that can be loaded onto Kindle devices.


The epub version of some products can be purchased at Smashwords. Providing a receipt to allows you to receive the full digital package here at our site.



If you purchase a one of our products at a retail store, you can email us at, including a scan or copy of the receipt from the retail store. We’ll set you up with an account with us and provide you with the digital versions of products you’ve already bought. This allows you to receive the most up-to-date versions of products directly from the publisher, while still supporting your local game store.

Retailers, if you are interested in stocking and selling our products, please see our Retailer Support Program page for more information.


We’re still considering how best to get our products into your hands at conventions. More information coming soon.



  • Program available to first-party purchasers of products only.
  • Available only through authorized sales.
  • Proof of purchase must be provided to receive Digital+ product support.
  • Only those products designated at this website as belonging to the Digital+ program qualify.
  • Terms and conditions of the program are subject to change.