Retailer Support Program


If you’re a retailer and are interested in purchasing InfiniBadger Press products directly for sale in your retail location, we’d be more than happy to work with you through our Retailer Support program.

We offer the ability to purchase some of our products at a discount similar to distribution prices and can ship them directly to your store from our printing partners. We use OneBookShelf and Lulu (and soon Amazon) to publish our books Print On Demand, using their shipping options to get our product into your stores. If you’re unsure about whether you want to stock a product, we’ll even send you the digital version to look over to see if it’s something that you’d like to carry and sell.

Additionally, every one of your customers that purchases an InfiniBadger Press print product is also eligible to receive the digital versions of it free from us through our Digital+ program. All they need to do is provide a copy of the receipt with the product to us via email to use and we’ll get them taken care of with PDF and ebook versions (once available for products). This is similar to the concept of Bits & Mortar that some other publishers participate in, but allows us to ensure that the most recent version of a product is available to your customers. You get the sale, and we supply product updates direct.

Products currently available in our Retailer Support Program include:

If you’re a retailer that is selling our products, we’ll also include links on our product pages to your own website so that customers who want to buy locally and support their FLGS can do so, and still get access to the digital support we offer.

We are also looking to make our products available through various distribution providers, while still offering access to the additional support above.

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