Another Bunch of Content Issue 2



InfiniBadger Press ABC 2
Another Bunch of Content Issue 2 December 2014
System Neutral
12 pages (11 content, 1 OGL)

Welcome to the another issue of the monthly system neutral series Another Bunch of Content! Each month, InfiniBadger Press brings you 26 new pieces of open content for you to use in your games, one for each letter of the alphabet. Monsters, items, locations, people, encounters, dungeons, and a slew of anything else that that we think that you might be interested in will all be put together into these jam-packed system-neutral newsletters for your gaming utility and pleasure.

This issue includes:

  • Arabadis (Location)
  • Box of Time (Item)
  • Call Steed (Spell)
  • Darsh (Monster)
  • Energos Staffs and Wands (Item)
  • Fallen Child (Monster)
  • Groob’s Boys (Personality)
  • Hamish’s Boots of Hillwalking (Item)
  • Inseep (Monster)
  • Jimmye Fish (Setting)
  • Krakow Seeds (Item)
  • Loftis Downs (Location)
  • Mantoba (Monster)
  • Nyrene’s Blessing (Event)
  • Puppet (Spell)
  • Oolat, Petty God of Fruit (Setting)
  • Quill Shark (Monster)
  • Rocha’s Point (Location)
  • Shale Nation (People)
  • Tree of Los (Location)
  • Umbratic Canopy (Spell)
  • Vuldo’s Pass (Location)
  • Xerotic Salve (Item)
  • Yeoman of Baln (Setting)
  • Zaparand (Personality)


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