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WHY inFANibadger?

Because we want to reward the fans of our products (who buy our stuff and allow us to stay in business), we’ve created a special fan club just for you!

Being a member of the inFANibadger fan club is as simple as signing up for a special mailing list right here on our site, which comes packed with information and updates on what’s going on with InfiniBadger Press and our related projects. You just need to give us your name, country of residence, and email address and we’ll assign you a special super secret membership ID number, which may or may not give you special bonuses!

As we grow and develop as a company, you’ll be the first to:

  • learn about new and exciting products coming out from InfiniBadger Press
  • find out what’s happening with existing product lines
  • get a head’s up on special sales right here at our webstore and elsewhere, such as conventions.
  • get special inFANibadger-member only sales
  • find out what conventions we’re going to appear at
  • receive news on who we’re partnering with and what we’re doing
  • be on the frontline of seeing InfinBadger Press level up as a company

inFANibadger membership is FREE, and only takes a moment to sign up for, and the benefits are great, so why not sign up today!

Our Email Promise: We’ll never share your details with another third party and will only use it for our internal use.