Through Dungeons Deeper


THROUGH DUNGEONS DEEPER is the kind of guide that new and experienced adventurer’s who explore dungeons should have in their tooklit. Written from the expert point of view by halfling dungeoneer extraordinaire Maximillian Sparfoot, it details all of the important information he thinks you should know that will keep you alive while dungeoneering.

  • Explains the 10 Dungeon Axioms!
  • Introduces you to his 78 Rules of Dungeoneering, including preparation, your role in the party, how to fight wisely, and how to make a last will and testament, among other Very Important Rules If You Don’t Want To Die! Tactics! Strategy! Other stuff!
  • Gives you important information about magic items, curses, owlbears, traps, mimics and gelatinous cubes!
  • Tells you the important things you need to know about the races and professions that you’ll be dungeoneering with!
  • Includes a sample simple will from Stonehand & Associates, lawyers to dungeoneers!

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Max’s super guide to dungeoneering today for yourself or a loved one who is considering delving in the darkest dungeons. You don’t want them being unprepared, do you? DO YOU?

THROUGH DUNGEONS DEEPER is 150 pages in size and is published in 6″ x 9″ US trade format. Available now.


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