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Across the vastness of Known Space and the Thousand Worlds, the Galactic Federation struggles to deal with intergalactic war, hostile aliens from other dimensions, mutants with strange powers, and the ever-encroaching influence of Umbra, a shadow organization intent on sowing anarchy throughout civilization. To help deal with these many emergencies, the Galactic Federation has many agencies, but one in particular stands above others: THE FREELANCER CORPS. Created to recruit the best of the best from the galactic population, this agency allows its agents unlimited latitude to pursue its overarching mandate: pursue, apprehend, and eliminate threats to the Galactic Alliance, or die trying.

The hours suck, but the pay is good, and the cachet that goes with the gig is second to none. But someone’s always gunning for you as much as you’re gunning for someone else. And at some point you’re going to come up against someone faster, stronger, or even smarter. But not today, right?



In FREELANCERS, players take on the role of members of an elite agency of bounty hunters in the far future intent on pursuing and apprehending lawbreakers or choose to become members of a shadowy organization intent on stopping an encroaching Orwellian galactic police state. In the far future, what do you choose to support: peace and compliance or freedom and chaos? Is there a middle ground? And what if you’re wrong?

The core game of FREELANCERS will be released as two different types of products. The first of these is a SETTING AND CAMPAIGN BOOK that explores the universe of FREELANCERS without including any game-specific mechanics. The second will be specific game system books for different game systems to allow players to play in the universe of FREELANCERS in their game system of choice; a number of game systems have already been targeted to support, including a dedicated version of InfiniBadger Press’ new FACET SYSTEM.

Planned additional future supporting material includes expansion material exploring aspects of The Agency and Umbra, as well galactic system information, and dedicated campaigns and adventures for both sides of the conflict.

The final page count of the FREELANCERS SYSTEM AND CAMPAIGN BOOK is expected to be around 128 pages in size, and individual game system books will vary in size but be between 128-198 pages. The book is being published in 6″ x 9″ US trade format. Prices have not been determined yet.


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