The Hench


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The Hench
Labyrinth Lord
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Henchmen: the forgotten underclass of the adventuring party. Often cast aside or used in ways that no sentient should be, this playable class for Labyrinth Lord allows you to experience life as a henchman/henchwoman/henchthing.

  • Low barrier to class/career entry!
  • Progress quickly through initial Levels, and then switch to an adventuring class!
  • Develop a number of skills and abilities that enhance and support all adventuring parties!
  • Rise above the ranks of other Henches who don’t dedicate themselves to being all they can be!
  • Become an actual Meatshield, but with the skills and training to survive being thrown at things that will kill you dead!
  • Three variants: the Cavalryman, the Infantry, and the Scout!

WARNING TO GMS/JUDGES/REFEREES: This class is effectively a starter class that then allows switching to other classes after making it through the full experience progression. Characters going through this retain all of their skills and abilities, and learn new ones. If these characters survive, they will be more powerful than characters of the same level of the adopted class. This class can also be used as a replacement for 0-level characters, or as an advancement after.


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