Made In Another’s Image


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MADE IN ANOTHER’S IMAGE is a sourcebook for OSR games that provides a new and fresh look at playing robotic and cyborg characters, as well as adding in hacking and computer networks to your games. On top of providing mechanics for including these within your own game it provides additional worldbuilding details that can be used to enhance your own existing settings.

  • Unique approach allows usage with original, basic, and advanced games that use the standard SDCIWC set of character attributes, whether sci-fi based, modern, or fantasy
  • Play a Synthetic, one of a universally artificially-intelligent robot species drawn into the millennia-old wars between the Progenitor Cults
  • Play Cyborg characters, struggling to balance their Soul and the Singularity
  • Play a Biomorph, using humanoid or non-humanoid husks to make yourself virtually immortal
  • Design your own unique Robots for use in your own worlds using comprehensive building instructions
  • Gear up in Warsuits and Mecha and crush your enemies with the power of living steel
  • Includes complete rules for designing computer networks as well as hacking them and jacking in to “run” them
  • Extensive gear lists for Robots, Synthetics, Cyborgs, and Biomorphs
  • Includes information on how to include this advanced technology into your non-science fiction-based campaigns

The final page count of MADE IN ANOTHER’S IMAGE is estimated to be around 192 pages in size. The book is being published in 6″ x 9″ US trade format. The expected price for the full-color product will be $15.99 for the PDF version, and $35.99 for the premium softcover and $41.99 for the premium hardcover.


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