Polyhedral Dungeon: The Book of Bonus Stuff



InfiniBadger Press Presents IBP1623
Polyhedral Dungeon: The Book of Bonus Stuff (Expansion 5)
14 pages (13 content, 1 cover) 

This 5th Expansion publication for POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON contains content that didn’t or won’t make it into the other four upcoming Expansion Books (THE ADVANCED RULESTHE BOOK OF MONSTERSTHE BOOK OF MAGICTHE BOOK OF LOOT), including new TalentsMonstersLoot, rules, and other content that will help to enhance your game sessions of POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON. (The other Expansion Books are in the works and due to be released early 2018).

This publication will be updated on a regular basis with new content. Eventually additional artwork will be added to it and it will be made available for purchase in print. The digital editions will always be free forever. And then we’ll start to make THE BOOK OF BONUS STUFF II, and start all over again.


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