Polyhedral Dungeon Is Now on Lulu

We’re very happy to announce that POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON: Basic Edition is now available for purchase on Lulu! It can be purchased in three different ways:

POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON is a Digital+ title, so that means that all print copies also come with access to the digital copies, and all digital copies come with the initial PDF and the ebook versions (Mobi, epub, text) as soon as they’re processed and made available, as well as a backup PDF. The Digital+ version gives you access to all of the other additional files, including the black and white PDF, character sheets (color and black & white), Master Talents sheet, and the free adventure The Crypts of Bes-Amat.

Digital+ titles are redeemed at our site here by giving proof of purchase and letting us know which email address to use to attach your files to. All of our PDFs are watermark free and unlocked for printing/copying so that you can use them however you need with your gaming group.

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