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Through Dungeons Deeper cover

Last month we released THROUGH DUNGEONS DEEPER, a system-neutral primer for dungeoneering. Written and presented by Maximillian Sparfoot, halfling dungeoneer extraordinaire, the book aims to serve as a player's guide to old school dungeon crawling. Gamesmasters can also find lots of content to use here, and even old school grognards may find something new to learn!

It's available for purchase here on our site, as well as OneBookShelf websites such as DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. It held the #1 Bestseller spot on RPGNow for several days straight, and is still ranked as one of the Bestselling Small Press title as November begins, even becoming a Silver Metal seller!

The ebook versions are almost finished and will be available mid-November at various stores. The POD print edition will be available a few weeks later - just in time to be gifted to friends and family looking to get in some dungeoneering.

THROUGH DUNGEONS DEEPER, like most of our newer releases, is a Digital+ product (see below in this newsletter).

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MADE IN ANOTHER'S IMAGE is a sourcebook for OSR games (fantasy, modern, or science fiction) that provides rules to include robots, synthetics, cyborgs, biomorphs, warsuits, and mecha. It also includes rules for accessing and using the Hypernet using a number of different approaches, allowing you to bring cybertechnology and exploring virtual worlds into your games.

Anticipated release by end of Q4 2017.

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THE NECROID HOST is a supplemental sourcebook for Barrel Rider Games' White Star and White Star Galaxy Edition. It includes an entire techno-horror campaign for White Star (and other science fiction games) and a starting adventure that introduces the new supplementary Angel Class for player characters. The campaign focuses on the terrible and destructive Necroids, aliens from another dimension that are attempting to convert and consume the universe for their own nefarious ends. Rules to create Necroid Lairships and Lairs for exploration are included, along with a large selection of equipment and weapons that both Angels and Necroids use in their ongoing battle.

Anticipated release by end of Q4 2017.


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POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON: The Book of Bonus Stuff is an ongoing free digital publication that includes content that will not be available in other POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON books. It is being updated several times a month with new content, including Basic Edition Class conversions, new Classes, Gear, Loot, Monsters, and much more. The next update should be available not long after you receive this email, so if you haven't picked up this free publication yet you can follow the link below to get it. If you have it already, updated versions will be available at the store you purchased it at.

Release of the additional advanced publications for POLYHEDRAL DUNGEON is estimated for the end of Q1 2018. This includes The Advanced Rules, The Book of Monsters, The Book of Magic, and The Book of Loot.

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We've upgraded our webstore with some additional features, include the ability to access and see what's in your cart no matter what page you're at on our site. This saves you having to go back into the actual store pages to complete any order that you're looking to make.

We'll also be adding links to product pages and to store pages that link directly to the a redemption page for Digital+. From there you'll be able to list the products you've purchased on other sites, attach proofs of purchase, and email them through to us so that we can get you additional copies on our site (see more below).


We're in the process right now of examining setting up additional publication access options for our products. We currently sell via OneBookShelf and Lulu, but hope to add Amazon's POD and Kindle options too as well as a few other sites.

In addition, we're also looking at holding inventory of our print products so that we can ship them out direct to customers instead of having to order from third party sites, as well as carry them for when we attend conventions. More information on that in the future (once all the details are worked out).


Our Digital+ program is designed to allow purchasers of our print products access to complimentary digital versions of them (where available). This includes PDF and various ebook formats. It also means that if you buy a PDF or ebook version of a product on any of the storefronts we use, you can claim additional digital versions of the same product direct from us as well as have backup copies of your purchase direct from us. In some circumstances, you may receive a discount on ordering the print version.

For more information, visit our Digital+ information page.



If you're a retailer, or you know of one, who is interested in stocking InfiniBadger Press products in their score, visit our Retailer Support Program page for more information on how to do that.


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